CUBIT - College and University Behavioral Intervention Team

NFCC is concerned about the safety, health, and well-being of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors – individually and collectively (herein referred to as NFCC members). A College and University Behavioral Intervention Team (CUBIT) has been formed that will use a multidisciplinary approach to maintain the safety of the NFCC campus. The CUBIT is committed to balancing the rights of the individual with the collective safety of the campus.

The CUBIT acts as a clearinghouse for campus concerns regarding behavior perceived to be aberrant, threatening, or dangerous. The team will assess and manage potentially dangerous situations that pertain to NFCC members. The NFCC CUBIT goal is to address behaviors of concern, showing due diligence for the safety of NFCC members while protecting NFCC member confidentiality to the appropriate extent. The NFCC CUBIT will focus on NFCC members who may be exhibiting signs of impending problems. By monitoring persons with problems, NFCC hopes to avert serious safety threats and to direct NFCC members to resources that can help alleviate stress.

Silent Witness

The Silent Witness Program allows concerned NFCC students, faculty, and staff an anonymous method to report information about campus issues; violations of the law; matters of improper, behavioral, or anti-social conduct; student or employee harassment; fraud; and general safety or security concerns to the College and University Behavioral Intervention Team (CUBIT).
CUBIT consists of a group of NFCC employees who are concerned about the safety and well-being of each member of the NFCC family. The team is made up of members who have specific skills and backgrounds in the areas of public safety, mental health, and student affairs. Information submitted will be handled confidentially with the purpose of assisting the student, faculty member, or staff member.

Although the NFCC team accepts anonymous reports, it also encourages anyone to provide his/her name and contact information so that the NFCC CUBIT can follow-up to gather additional information.

Silent Witness Cubit Incident/Complaint Form

The NFCC College and University Behavior Intervention Team (CUBIT) members will keep this information as confidential as possible; however, please be aware that our responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of people and incidents must be balanced with the need to protect the individual and the group.