North Florida College Library Mission Statement

The Marshall Hamilton Library actively supports the curriculum and mission of North Florida College by providing access to quality learning resources and instructional services.  The library promotes the use of electronic resources and seeks to provide its users with the competencies necessary to pursue their goals and to become productive members of the community.  The Marshall Hamilton Library serves both on campus and remote access users.  The Library enriches not only the college community but also NFC’s entire six-county district.

Checking Out Materials

Students must have a student ID to check out materials. Non-students will be issued a library card. Borrowers may have a total of 5 items (books and/or videos) at any one time. Materials may be renewed once, either over the phone, online, or in person. When items are overdue, students may not check out library materials until the account is cleared. Holds may be placed on a student's record in Banner for items declared lost.

  • BOOKS: Check-out period is two weeks. Reference books cannot be checked out.
  • DVDS: Check-out period is one week. A video viewing room is available for classes or individuals.
  • AUDIOBOOKS: Check-out period is two weeks.
  • MAGAZINES: Check-out period is one day.Electronic databases with full-text articles are accessible from the library web page.
  • CALCULATORS: May be checked out for the semester on a first come, first served basis.
  • NEWSPAPERS: In-library use only.
  • PHOTOCOPIES / PRINTING: $0.10 per page. A card is necessary for printing and photocopies. Money may be added to the student ID card or a copy card may be purchased. Copies must be made under compliance with the copyright law.
  • COMPUTERS: Forty-six computers are available in the library for NFC student use. Users must have basic computer skills and bring their own disks or flash drives. Library computers DO NOT have CD burners. Computer assistance is available at the computer lab. All printing is $0.10 per page. 
  • PLEASE: DO NOT RESHELVE MATERIALS. You may leave them on a table or at the circulation desk.
Food is not permitted in the NFC Library. All drinks are prohibited in the computer areas. Drinks in spill-proof containers may be consumed in public areas where there are no computers

Library Staff

Lynn WycheDirector of Learning
Ellie MorganCoordinator of Library
Jhan ReichertLibrary Technical
Katie MillerLibrary Technical