NFC Assessments

Testing is by appointment only. Space is limited due to social distancing. Students are required to wear a face cover/mask but will be asked to temporarily show their face when checked in. Call the Testing Center at 850-973-9451 to schedule an appointment and pay testing fees by phone at 850-973-1610.

The NFC Assessments are one option to determine initial eligibility for dual enrollment. They are also one option to determine placement into classes. The NFC Assessments are only applicable until 12/31/2020.

NFC Assessments Information:

  • Students must apply for admission prior to requesting to take an NFC Assessment. Dual Enrolled students from a public or private school must apply with their high school counselor. Home schooled dual enrolled students should contact the NFC DE Coordinator at or call 850-973-1628.
  • Testing is available by appointment only. Call the Testing Center at 850-973-9451 to request an appointment.
  • Students may test in the NFC Testing Center building #16, at the NFC Live Oak Location, or remotely from home.
  • There are three sections of the NFC Assessments: Reading, Writing, and Math. Students choose from two Math options and must inform the Testing Manager which Math section they would like to take. Students should consult with an academic advisor or high school counselor if they need help choosing.
  • For dual enrollment qualification, students must score a minimum of 70 in all three subject areas (Reading, Writing, and Math option). Consult with high school guidance counselor or NFC Dual Enrollment Coordinator about other acceptable tests.
MATH, students choose from one of these options:

   MATH, for placement into:
     MAT 1033 Intermediate Algebra,
     STA 2023 Intro College Statistics,
     MGF 1106 Liberal Arts Math I, or
     MGF 1107 Liberal Arts Math II

1 hourNot Allowed
   ALGEBRA, for placement into MAC 1105 College Algebra1 hourAllowed

Retesting and Attempt Limits:

  • Two attempts allowed
  • Must wait 14 days before the second attempt
  • December 1, 2020 - deadline for dual enrollment testing
  • Tip for dual enrollment students: Take first attempt before Nov. 17, 2020 to allow time for a retake.


  • $10 per testing session, whether taking one, two, or all three sections.

Remote Testing Option:

Students have the option of taking the NFC Assessments remotely at their home or other quiet testing location using D2L with Honorlock remote proctoring service, which will record the test session. To schedule either on campus or remote testing, students must contact the Testing Center.

Remote testing requirements:

  • Stable internet connection
  • A computer or laptop with a web cam (not a tablet or smartphone)
  • Google Chrome web browser must be installed
  • Private, quiet testing space so students will be undisturbed during the test (for example, no radio or tv usage, no interruptions, no outside conversations or interactions with others)

To learn more about the Honorlock testing process, watch this 2 min. video: Honorlock Video for Students

Please NOTE: Limited seating is available on campus; you must schedule an appointment for your test. You must also meet the requirements of the NFC Assessment in order to take the exam. NO EXCEPTIONS.

“NFC is an accessible campus. If you have a disability and need an accommodation for this test, schedule an appointment with the NFC Disability Resource Center at 850-973-9403 or 850-973-1611 (TTY) at least 14 days before the test. Bring your disability documentation to this appointment. After the meeting and the paperwork review, the appropriate accommodations will be provided.”