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Associate in Science - Engineering Technology

60 Credit Hours

The A.S. in Engineering Technology is a two year (60 credit hour) degree program that prepares students for high skill/high-wage careers in the process and technology-driven environment of modern, advanced manufacturing. The program does this through experience-based laboratory exercises and algebra-based theoretical foundations based in the fields of applied science and engineering. The degree affords students an opportunity to apply their new skills to employment in a wide variety of manufacturing related positions such as quality control, product assembly, testing, machining, and process development, and project management. Engineering Technology graduates have been successful in industries as diverse as aerospace, medical devices, chemical processing, as well as beverage and food processing across the state of Florida.


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of industrial processes and material properties
  2. Generate and interpret computer-aided drawings
  3. Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of electricity and electronics
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of industrial safety, health, and environmental requirements
  5. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of quality assurance methods and quality control concepts
  6. Demonstrate proficiency in using tools, instruments and testing devices
  7. Demonstrate basic troubleshooting skills
  8. Demonstrate appropriate communication skills
  9. Demonstrate appropriate math skills
  10. Demonstrate an understanding of modern business practices and strategies
  11. Demonstrate employability skills
  12. Understand, operate, troubleshoot, and maintain pneumatic, hydraulic, and electromechanical components and/or systems
  1. Identify and implement lean and six sigma concepts in manufacturing environments
  2. Operate industrial automation systems
  3. Troubleshoot industrial automation systems
  4. Apply the principles of robotics to automated systems
  5. Use proficiently human machine interfaces to operate automated systems
  6. Identify, implement and/or interpret supply chain and operations management concepts and techniques.

Related College Credit Certificates

Students have the opportunity to obtain three College Credit Certificates within the A.S. Degree in Engineering Technology program at NFC. They can be taken individually or used as building blocks to the A.S. degree.

  • Engineering Technology Specialist
  • Lean Manufacturing 
  • Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Motors for Manufacturing

Engineering vs Engineering Technology

EngineeringEngineering Technology
TheoreticalPractical and "hands-on"
Calculus basedAlgebra based
Jobs in engineering designJobs in applied engineering and production

Articulation and Transfer Opportunities 

Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology Articulation/Transfer to A.S. Degree: While not a prerequisite, students are strongly advised to take advantage of the Statewide Articulation Agreement which provides students the opportunity to “transfer” 15 credit hours into the degree program through earning the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council’s-Certified Production Technician credential. This credential may be earned through taking the 18 week, one semester, Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology program and passing four assessments through the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council.

Transfer to Bachelor of Science Degree: For students looking to continue on to a four-year degree, electives can be chosen to help transfer to a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology at Daytona State College. The University of South Florida and University of Central Florida also offer a Bachelor of Science in Applied Science. Students should check with USF/UCF for transfer requirements.

Contact the program coordinator or an NFC academic advisor for more information.

Admission, program and degree requirements are subject to change. Contact the program coordinator or an NFC academic advisor for the most current information.