Member States

North Florida College is authorized to provide online education to students who reside in 48 SARA member states. States that are not a SARA member state are California and Massachusetts. 

Professional Licensure Disclosure Statement

In order to comply with U.S. Department of Education regulations concerning distance education and professional licensure, NFC is required to make the following disclosure in regards to professional licensure outside the state of Florida. Please contact the proper licensing agency in your state to request information and additional guidance before beginning a program outside of your state.

SARA Student Complaint Process

In the unlikely event that a complaint cannot be resolved through North Florida College’s process, NFC Online students who have completed the internal grievance process and the applicable state process, may appeal non-instructional complaints to the FL-SARA PRDEC Council. Complaints about grades or student conduct should be submitted to the College and may not be appealed to the SARA portal agency.