Lisa ThompsonLisa Thompson 

Lisa Isadora Thompson received her BA from University of South Florida in 2001 and her MFA from Florida State University in 2004 where she taught for a year following graduation. Since 2005, she has taught classes at North Florida College including Painting I & II, Drawing I & II, Design I & II, Ceramics I & II, Special Topics (studio art), and Humanities Art. In addition to her teaching duties, Thompson is the curator and director of the Hardee Center for the Arts exhibiting both local and national talent. In 2009, she founded the NFC Public Art Program which allows for a yearly visiting artist to create a permanent piece of public art for the college while engaging the students through various workshops.

In her most recent drawing and painting series, So Tiny in a Wide World, Thompson illustrates the seemingly infinite possibilities and magic of life through the lens of childhood using her own children as subjects. In these captured, quiet moments, the background is deemphasized and imagery is removed to suggest the expanse of the world and highlight the imaginative mind of a child.

Mark DicksonMark Dickson


I am consumed with the process of sculpting: the physical act of creating by the deconstruction and reconstruction of ideas. The struggle to reassign beauty,
power and meaning to both found and raw materials. Allowing these forms to exist free of the constraints of the expected norm. The entanglement, the blood, sweat and smoke, the challenge of steel, fire and
heat. I call this the romance of construction, and thru this action I seek to challenge the familiar. It is my hope that the viewer will join me on this journey.


Mark Dickson starts with concepts like form, negative space, and abstract suggestion.  Then guided by themes like; music, flight, wind, water, machinery, and even personal guardians, he shapes freestanding or pedestal-mounted sculptures.  He combines shapes to form a single piece of singular emotional influence. The result is a realization of the beauty of the abstract form.

Mark draws on knowledge acquired from independent studies in metal design, fabrication, casting, foundry methods, and blacksmithing.  Three influences were; Professors Jim Devore of Sierra College in California, Charles Hook, the late Professor of Sculpture at Florida State University, and the late Master Craftsman Jerry Grice.  Marks’ work is collected throughout the United States in public and private collections.  His fluid large-scale pieces are appropriate for landscape architecture and opened interiors.  His sense of tight design, light abstraction and use of negative space suit the modern style, for areas ranging from compact to expansive.

Dickson is a native of northern California and has been a resident of Tallahassee Florida for twelve years.  He teaches sculpture part time as an adjunct instructor at North Florida College in Madison Florida, and is a full time sculptor with a working studio in Tallahassee.

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