Dear NFCC Family:NFCC President John Grosskopf

NFCC went on a full lockdown today (March 7, 2018) in response to a report that there may have been a shooting incident at the Madison County Memorial Hospital which borders our campus property. We responded by using our all-campus audio alert systems as well as the e2campus emergency notification system.
While students and staff were sheltering in place, the college monitored the situation and provided information as available and as soon as possible. When notified by the Sheriff’s office that the situation was contained and safe, we lifted the lockdown and held an informational debriefing to try to present a full picture of what occurred, as well as to express gratitude to our students and employees for responding so smoothly, quickly and in the appropriate way.  
We are sincerely grateful to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, the City of Madison Police Department, and NFCC Security for all they do to keep us safe on a daily basis and for their prompt and professional handling of today’s situation. Even ahead of our mission of providing great educational opportunities is our obligation to ensure the safety of the entire NFCC family. We all worked well today as a family to look out for each other.
If any questions or concerns remain or you wish to provide any commentary on today’s events, please contact me directly.
Be Well.
John Grosskopf
North Florida Community College