Strategic Plan

Strategic planning establishes key initiatives upon which the College focuses to meet the needs of its students and the community, and to fulfill its mission.

On Nov. 15, 2011 the NFC District Board of Trustees approved a revised Strategic Plan for 2012-2017 to provide a framework for a five-year planning cycle and assessment process.

In August 2014, the NFC District Board of Trustees approved the addition of a new goal to "Increase Student Success."

North Florida College 2012-2017 Strategic Plan

North Florida College is committed to excellence in teaching and learning and has identified the following institutional values upon which to base these efforts:

  • Positive Attitude – approach situations in an optimistic manner.
  • Accountability – demonstrate quality standards are being upheld.
  • Commitment – promise to provide the best service to our students and community.
  • Excellence – adhere to the highest standards of teaching, learning, and professionalism.
  • Respect – treat all individuals with fairness and dignity.


Goal #1: Increase Student Success

Educate students for personal and professional opportunities. 

Objective 1: Offer competent classroom instruction. (Quality Instruction)

  1. Provide technical and transfer programs that include distinct general education competencies and offer these programs through a variety of course delivery modes.

  2. Provide access to educational and career technical programs that prepare students for lifelong learning and employment through the development of adaptable skills and knowledge. 

Objective 2. Offer appropriate academic support. (Student Success)

  1. Provide comprehensive student and academic support services to college-ready students that help them meet their career, academic, and personal goals.

  2. Provide access and opportunity for students who are underprepared or who demonstrate academic need for college-level work through developmental education and academic support to prepare students for collegiate studies, and to promote student learning and success through various course delivery modes in credit and noncredit courses.


Goal #2: Improve performance accountability

Create and maintain a sustainable and data-driven decision-making campus environment.

Objective 1.  Complete comprehensive program reviews. (Comprehensive Program Reviews)

  1. Conduct comprehensive program reviews for all academic and non-academic departments.

  2. Analyze student learning outcome assessment data and document continual improvement of instruction.

  3. Conduct market surveys to ensure program offerings meet the educational needs of our students and district. 

Objective 2.  Strengthen employee development.  (Employee Development)

  1. Provide leadership, development opportunities, and resources for staff and faculty to work effectively.

  2. Align campus committee and work team assignments with identified employee interests and strengths.

  3. Analyze predicted employment changes and develop a succession plan.

  4. Develop an alluring employee recruitment package.

  5. Create and implement a comprehensive employee orientation.  


Goal #3: Strengthen Communication

Objective 1. Design and implement a plan to ensure information is effectively shared. (Campus Communication)

  1. Create and implement a protocol to ensure internal and external communication.

  2. Identify and improve procedures and/or process to address employee concerns.

Objective 2. Align institutional policies with comprehensive procedures. (Policies and Procedures)

  1. Review all existing institutional policies for consistency.

  2. Identify and develop procedures for each policy.

  3. Develop operations manuals for department activities. 

Objective 3. Ensure students, faculty, and staff are knowledgeable about safety procedures on campus. (Safety)

  1. Provide training to share the safety procedures and available resources.

  2. Conduct drills to practice the safety procedures. 

Objective 4. Create a comprehensive campaign to brand the NFC image. (Image)

  1. Capture and publish stories about the impact of NFC on students, alumni, employees, and the district.

  2. Evaluate the mission and vision to ensure they reflect institutional values. 


Goal #4: Increase resource acquisition & allocation

Ensure campus funding acquisition, expenditures, and resource allocation are aligned with strategic plan.

Objective 1. Increase funding and implement transparency related to financial resources. (Financial Resources)
  1. Increase external funding through grants, donors, endowments, alumni, and other resources.

  2. Implement a transparent process for budget planning and disbursement of funds.

  3. Review foundation policies and procedures to best provide financial support to the widest range of students.

  4. Promote self-sufficiency for auxiliary enterprises on campus.
Objective 2. Create and implement a comprehensive technology plan. (Technology)
  1. Evaluate technology needs of students and employees.

  2. Analyze and plan for future technology needs of students and employees.

  3. Align technology purchase decisions with identifiable needs of students and employees.
Objective 3.  Create and implement a campus efficiency plan. (Sustainability)
  1. Increase awareness of sustainability through professional development workshops.

  2. Ensure all departments on campus include a sustainability goal in their institutional effectiveness plans.


Goal #5: Provide a holistic campus experience

Provide a holistic campus experience for students, faculty, and staff. 

Objective 1. Develop an intentional and seamless recruitment, advising, and retention system. (Advising and Retention)
  1. Analyze the existing advising, recruitment, and retention activities on campus and align them into a seamless delivery of services.

  2. Create a one-stop center for advising, recruitment, and retention.

  3. Analyze the scheduling needs of students, including time and location based on all student types.

  4. Increase graduation rates. 
Objective 2. Assess campus enrichment and support resources. (Resources)
  1. Conduct satisfaction, usage, and needs surveys.

  2. Integrate services to reflect optimal utilization and creativity.  

Approved by the NFC District Board of Trustees Nov. 15, 2011
Revised by the NFC District Board of Trustees August 2014